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The Wind & Water Series

Leeuwin 2 (detail) Two of the most powerful elements on our planet are nearly indiscernible to the human eye, yet we are innately aware of their presence, their capacity to soothe and destroy, and their ability to weave patterns where they touch.

Wind and water possess no intrinsic color, are clear to the point of invisibility, and yet move through space. We see not their form itself, but can detect their patterns and shapes only vicariously though the objects they affect. The trace of water's touch over moss and sea life, the wind's passage over marshlands, through wheat fields and the fur of a long-haired animal- these two forces make their presence known. Their character is contradictory and fickle, encompassing fragility and violence, placidity and turbulence.

They leave their mark upon our world. We have discovered some of their patterns and named them, giving them character and life: Kuroshio, Leeuwin, Sirocco, Charybdis, Boreas, Agulhas, the Nor'easters. The Wind & Water series was created to explore their influence through sculptural glass landscape.

Click on the following link for a glimpse into the working process of the Wind & Water series:

Work photos Process of Creation


After the Rain After the Rain





The Archipelagos
Arctic Ray Arctic Ray Azores
Before the Rain Benguela

Bering 2

Biochroma II
Burga Burga Cayman
Celebes Celebes II
Charybdis Charybdis Cirrhipathes Anguina Cirrhipathes Anguina
Converge Coriolis Coriolis
Coromell Coromell Cove
Crevice Crivetz
Diablo Diablo Ebb Ebb
Eddy Eddy Eleuthera
Etesian Night Etesian Night Flores
Flux Front
Indigo Breeze Indigo Breeze Kuroshio Kuroshio
Laminar Laminar Laminaria
Leeuwin Leeuwin Leste
Levanto Low Tide Low Tide
Malvinas Mare Rubrum
Matanuska Matanuska Meniscus Meniscus
Moebius Morro Drift Morro Drift
Morro Sway The Nor'easters The Nor'easters
Oyashio Oyashio
Reef's End Reef's End 2
Similan Scirocco Sirocco
Six Species Stiniva I
Stiniva II Sulu
Summertide Summertide Sunder Sunder
Sun Rising over the Tundra Sun Rising Over the Tundra

Sunset over the Tundra

Timor Tsushima
Two Seas Viento Zonda Viento Zonda
Wake Wake Wend
Zeehan Zeehan Zephyr Zephyr



Photo Credits

* Photo by Eric Weisz

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